CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing - Gym Based Exercise

This qualification is aimed at the learner who wants to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry as a fitness instructor in the context of gym-based exercise.

Learners are encouraged to be responsible for their own learning and fully participate throughout all aspects of the course. A course timetable will be posted to you once your enrolment has been completed, before the start of the course.

A pre-requisite for all of the above courses is that you have experience participating within the gym environment.

Learners are required to bring pens and paper for all theory sessions, along with appropriate exercise clothing and footwear for practical sessions. It is also suggested that all students have a change of clothing for their own comfort and hygiene.
You can study this course over a length of time that is suitable to you. It can be done as quickly as a couple of weeks, or a few months (or more!) You will need to attend 2 taught theory days (which includes your theory assessments), complete some worksheets in your own time, and attend three practical gym days, then when you are ready, we will assess you. There will be some study to do at home, but you will be provided with study materials to work from.

Everest Fitness Education will ensure there is an expert tutor available (times to be agreed) on a weekly basis and you will be assigned a study coach to guide and assist you through the qualification.
Learners will cover:
Mandatory Units

  • anatomy and physiology including:
    - the heart and circulatory system
    - the respiratory system
    - structure and function of the skeleton
    - musculoskeletal system
    - postural and core stability
    - the nervous and energy systems and their relation to exercise
  • how to maintain health, safety and welfare in a variety of fitness environments, including the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults
  • how to programme safe and effective exercise for a range of clients, the health benefits of physical activity and the importance of healthy eating
  • how to communicate with clients effectively, and motivate clients to adhere to an exercise programme
Gym Units
The skills and knowledge required to plan and prepare a gym-based exercise programme with apparently healthy adults - both individuals and groups. This may include young people in the 14-16 age range, provided they are part of a larger adult group. Client groups also covered are older adults, ante and postnatal clients and disabled clients provided the relevant contraindications and key safety guidelines are observed.

Do you have any questions?

  • What are the Individual learning needs?[+]
    Learners are requested to identify any individual learning needs, medical conditions and/or injuries that may affect learning or the assessment process, on the application form or directly to the tutor.

    Your tutor and assessor will be able to advise you on the specific requirements of the course and related assessment. In some instances it may be possible to apply a ‘Reasonable Assessment Adjustment’ to take into account a specific learning need. Please discuss this with your course tutor during registration to ensure you are fully supported during the course and assessment. The course timetable will also clearly identify learner guidance and support time when your tutor will be available to answer specific queries or clarify areas that are unclear.

    It is important that learners are aware that the course will involve some home study/work at the end of each day. This may involve some written work or practice of practical teaching skills and exercise technique.
  • What qualifications will I get?[+]
    CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing – Gym-Based Exercise. This qualification is well recognised nationally and hold 20 REPS points and would allow you access to the Register of Exercise Professionals at Level 2.
  • What are the methods of assessment I will encounter?[+]
    Formative Assessment: ongoing throughout the course in order to provide feedback on what you have learnt and what you need to improve on.

    Continuous Assessment: ongoing throughout the course to obtain a result which will count towards your overall result.

    Summative Assessment: final assessment in order to obtain a results which will count towards your overall assessment result.

    Theory Assessments: 2 multiple choice papers covering ‘Anatomy & Physiology for Exercise & Health’ and ‘Principals of Exercise, Fitness and Health’. Each theory paper comprises of 40 questions. 70% pass mark (which is a minimum of 28 questions) is required. You will be sent a course timetable to establish the date and times of assessments.

    Worksheets: ‘Health, Safety & Welfare in a Fitness Environment’ and ‘Know How to Support Clients Who Take Part in Exercise and Physical Activity’ – these worksheets will be completed throughout the course and will be marked by your tutor.
  • What are the Practical Assessments?[+]
    Learners are required to produce a session overview and gym programme card for a safe and effective gym based session of 45-60 minutes in duration which is appropriate for an apparently healthy participant (aged 15 or over). Full details of the required content will be discussed during the course.

    For the summative practical assessment the learner is required to teach parts of the planned session to an apparently healthy participant (aged 15 or over) and this should last approximately 30-40 minutes. The learner will be moved on at certain points within the session. The assessment criteria that the learners will be marked against will be clearly introduced during the course.

    The learner must produce a written self-evaluation and action plan that accurately reflects the session taught and takes into account verbal feedback received from the participant. A minimum of 15 minutes is allowed for this.

    Should you be unsuccessful you will have the opportunity to retake any part of the above assessments.
  • How much will I pay for the course?[+]
    The course is £505.00
    You can pay for the course in instalments, please call 07870 638334 or email Clare Everest for more details.
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If you are interested in finding out more about the course or would like to apply to join the course, please call 07870 638334 or email Clare Everest for more details.
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